A moment for ourselves

Working for long hours can be excruciating and tiring. On account of competitive world one has to strive for efficiency and deliver good results at work to be on top of the game. In this new age of technology we feel the necessity of gathering some personal time to slow down and have a perspective.

But the big question is’ what would you do after a long day’s work?’ How would you unwind? The answer for these questions is not simple.

Aroma therapy

The “best essential oil diffuser” can do the trick at home. One need not to spend big bucks instead they can buy any good diffuser with a bottle of preferred essential oil and pour it in to the diffuser to make their living place fragrant. Many researchers agree that aroma of an essential oil can lift the spirits up and relax a tensed mind.

Few popular essential oils are:
• Camomile: An anti inflammatory herb which aids digestion and improves nervous system.
• Clove: It cures toothaches, sooths headaches and relieves a stressed mind.
• Cypress: It is popular as a respiratory tonic and as a sedative.
• Birch: This herb is well known as an antidepressant.

Relaxation techniques

In the fast paced life relaxation techniques are extremely useful to keep the mind calm and composed. They can be practiced with or without other exercises. The advantages of these techniques are for long term and regardless of age; people can vouch for the innumerable benefits of these techniques.

The most practiced techniques are:

• Mindful meditation: An openhearted derived from a Buddhist practice which bestows insight.
• Breathing techniques such as Pranayama which calms nervous system.


People who prefer an active lifestyle opt to sweat out. When one exercises endorphins are released in the body which makes a person happy. A person who exercises get the double benefit of staying fit and feeling happy.
There are many options to choose from such as:
• Swimming or cycling
• Gyms for powerful cardio, squats, treadmill, aerobics, weights etc.
• Traditional practices such as Yogasana and martial arts such as Tai-chi, kung-fu, Taekwondo etc.


One may not be able to exercise due to their limitations or they may be too bored to spend hours in gym. They can dig their inner talent and find solace in painting, music, crafts or any such creative pursuits.
Some of the popular hobbies include:
• Expertise in playing musical instruments, music composition and vocal capabilities.
• Dance can not only relieve stress but can improve one’s posture and enhance their gait.
• Painting can unravel the imagination and translate the unspoken thoughts on canvas.
• If one has a with words and good comprehension of the language then they can explore writing.


If aroma therapy, exercising, pursuing hobbies do not appeal to an outgoing person, he/she can hang out with their buddies and spend hours in interacting, exchanging ideas and experiences. We tend to feel content around our close ones.
The present trending practices include:
• Online social platforms such as Facebook,Twitter etc.
• Family/ relative groups.
• Peer/ educational or Work/ professional groups etc.


Travelling is for those who prefer adventure. Often people prefer to take off from work for
• Weekend getaway/short trip of 2-3 days
• Long trips to their dream locations, once in a year
• Short trips in intervals of 3-6 months in a year etc.
Many swear by the knowledge that they gain by their travels. Different cultures and languages are very insightful for a curious and adventurous mind. These travels relax them and make them forget about their every day humdrums.

Food & Wine

Eating chocolates have shown reduced stress levels. Taste is one of the five senses that we experience and there are many who tickle their taste buds to beat the stress. Foodies often indulge in:
• Cooking: The knowledge about different cuisines, fine sense of mixing ingredients and the whole process of producing a well cooked meal can be very uplifting.
• Fine dining is never complete without a glass of white/red wine. For centuries wine is known as a stress beater when consumed within the limits.

We can choose any of the above or can do something out of the box, but to keep on living a healthy stress free life we must know when to stop and smell the roses and to take a moment for ourselves.

Tips For Choosing a Best Pocket Flashlight

Are you on searching for a best pocket flashlight? There are a lot of different flashlights out there but the options for a pocket flashlight are huge. What you need to understand is that there are thousands of different pocket flashlights and therefore you will have a lot to think about.

best pocket flashlight

Before you start looking around for which flashlight you want I would like to give you some tips on choosing a pocket flashlight that will work best for you. Just remember that every person is different and every flashlight is different so what works for somebody else may not work the same for you.

Tips On Choosing A Best Pocket Flashlight

1. Choose Something Small

The first tip is very simple, choose something small. The reason why you need to choose something small is because you can’t have a pocket flashlight that is 5 times bigger than even your biggest pocket.

Think about it, the smaller the flashlight is the easier it will be to carry around in your pocket.

2. Long Battery Life

Another thing I would recommend getting is a led flashlight with a long battery life, the 18650 battery is best choice for your flashlight. It is important that you don’t get something that barely holds a charge or needs new batteries after every hour of use.

If you are using this led flashlight as a backup for another one then a short battery life might be ok. But just know that it is better to spend a little more now in order to save money later on when you don’t have to upgrade to a new led flashlight with a better battery life.

3. Easy to Hold

The last tip on choosing a pocket flashlight is to choose one that is easy to hold. Have you ever seen those flashlights that take two hands? This is not what you want and being that you want to put this in your pocket, you need to make sure it is easy to hold and easy to carry.

Where to Buy A Best Pocket Flashlight

If you are going to buy a quality pocket flashlight then I would recommend shopping on Amazon.com. The nice thing about shopping on Amazon.com is they have a huge selection of flashlights to choose from and you will be able to look at reviews of each of them too.

What most people don’t realize is that if you scroll down on the Amazon sales page there is a review section and a recommendation section. The best part about this is that you will be able to see what other customers have said about the flashlight you are looking at and whether or not to buy it.

And that’s it!

When it comes to getting a pocket flashlight there really is only one great place to buy them and that is Amazon. The reason why I like Amazon is because of all the things they offer you and the cheap prices that they have.

Just know that there are other places that have best pocket flashlights as well but I would stick to Amazon for the time being.

Flashlight Switches – Its own Advantages and Disadvantages

When you buy a flashlight, there are many things that you have to consider as beam distance, run time, lumens, water resistance, impact resistance. Besides, you should know about flashlight switch types.

The switch type, position of switch and its own designs, which determines the way you use flashlight in case of emergencies and in everyday works. Below are the different flashlight switches types with advantages and disadvantages.

Bezel Twist Switch: It is often used in most of popular and its position at the head of flashlight. For using it, you just turn the bezel in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

  • Pros: It is durable, water resistant and dust resistant is better than others.
  • Cons: Normally, you need to use two hands for turn on and turn off.

Tailcap twist switch: It just like Bezel Twist Switch but its position at the end of the flashlight.

Side click Switch: This is push-button which is placed on the flashlight body. You need to press it to turn on and press it again to turn off. You will hear a click sound when press it.

  • Pros: Just need a hand to turn on your flashlight.
  • Cons: It will hasn’t got water resistant if it hasn’t got a rubber layer that cover the outside of button.

Tailcap click Switch: It just like Side click Switch but Its position at the tail of the flashlight.

  • Pros: It is suitable for holding and operating by thumb finger. You are easy to play the flashlight beam at your eye-level.
  • Cons: With bigger flashlights, it is hard to operate it by a hand if your hands are small.

Reverse Clicky: This is normal button switch but the way to using are a bit different. You need a hard-pressed (you will hear a click sound) on it for turn on and then take a slight press if you want to change mode (changing mode after turn it on).

Foward Clicky: With foward clicky, it just need a slight press and holding for turn it on (momentary) so you need to change mode first. If you want to turn on without hold it all the time, you need full press with making a click sound.

Membrane press switch: It is used a thin rubber layer to cover the switch, you need to press on that layer for turn on or off.

  • Pros: Avoid water to get insides.
  • Cons: The cover layer is high quality material.

Side slide Switch: It is traditional push – pull switch and its position at body of the flashlight.

  • Pros: Easy to operated by a hand.
  • Cons: It is not water resistant.

Magnetic Switch: It is use magnetic field to control flashlight. It is usually use for rotate switch application with many light levels or linear level light control.

  • Pros: Good looks! It is good water and dust resistance.
  • Cons: It is so expensive


Personally, I like the flashlights, which has switch at the end of tail and changing mode by rotate head of flashlight. However, for every switch for every flashlight series, I’m sure that these producers have researched and thought about performance and uses of every switch on theirs products.

So, you just choose the right one that is most suitable for your needs.

Best Mountain Bikes For The Money

Mountain BikeMy 30 years ride of mountain bikes gives me an outstanding knowledge of the best mountain bikes you should go for to become an expert in mountain bike riding. Best mountain bikes are designed for going up and down mountains. They usually have thick wheels and off course shock absorbers despite being sturdy and modeled to provide high speed.

Check on the best mountain bike brands that confidently gives you the best service and an outstanding experience.

What Is The Benefit of Riding A Best Mountain Bikes?

For a first time racer, bike riding is one of the best experiences that give you real fun off roads. But remember, you must do it rightly with the right bike to get the best out of it. Millions of people all over the world are doing it, it’s your turn to join and enjoy the fun experience.

I have always enjoyed great benefits I acquired all through my bike riding, you are not wrong, bike riding has great plethora of physical, emotional, social, and emotional benefits that leaves you with no option and reason than to join the rest in the fun.

Truly, you may get some bruises and bumps along the way, but that is just a drop in the ocean compared to the physical benefits that you accrue from mountain biking. Ask the www.peopleforbikes.org

and you will be assured that 50% likelihood of heart disease is reduced if you ride your bike 3 hour a week. 30 minutes ride each day is enough for a woman to reduce by 48% her likelihood of breast cancer. And if your kid is biking, he/she is 48% less likely to become overweight when in adulthood. What other doctor did you want for this?

I have always noted that I finish my bike race happier than I started it, just to realize that it is the best activity that relieves my stress, improves my self esteem and always provided me with a sense of challenge and adventure. This is a very emotional support activity that usually acts as a distraction or an escape to the reality like worries hence giving you piece of mind. It doesn’t matter how long I have been biking, I would always learn something new every time I get to a race. If this doesn’t happen to you, then check whether you had everything you needed to be in the race.

diamondback 29er recoil - Best Mountain Bikes
When you get your best mountain bike on the road, either with a local club just bumping into other riders on the trail-head, you will wonder how fast you will make new friends or else ridding buddies. It is not only enjoyable but also very safe to ride among friends; you understand how helping they can be in case you hurt yourself or come across a furry friend along the way. Your riding friends will challenge your riding skills, appreciate your skills, and you know what this means? Your confidence gets a major boost, you improve your stamina and what other social support did you need?

Single and Multi-Speed of Best Mountain Bikes

There are two types of bikes, single-speed and multi-speed mountain bikes. Do not wonder what to go for. Each serves its unique purpose but they do also complement each other.

Note that a single speed bike has only one gear ratio while a multi-gear bike has derailleur to switch between different cog sizes that increases the number of wheel rotations hence higher speed.

  • Single speed bike is a simple design easy to maintain and do repairs, you may like it because is lighter and less expensive than a multi-speed bike. It is most suitable for urban riding and does best in flat areas.
  • On the other hand, multi-speed bike outperforms the single speed with its high speeds and on sharp inclines. Though it is relatively heavy and more expensive, multi-speed bikes are best known for rough and hilly roads.

Best Mountain Bike Sizing Chart Guide

To choose the correct frame size of your best mountain bike consider choosing one that matches your body for you to get a more comfortable and efficient ride all through. This is a good guide that will help to get the best mountain bike for men or women.

Your height and shape of your body are key factors to choosing a frame size. It is quite dangerous for you if you bought a bike that is not proportional with your body. Do not hesitate to ask the size of the frame and wheel of the bicycle of your choice. Some could be measured in inches, centimeters, or just use the standardized measurement of S, M, and L. The size of the frame will help you know the length of your frame tube, though the whole bike will be in proportion. Like for instance, a bigger bike will not only have higher saddles but also handlebars will be further from the saddle.

Getting the right frame for your height enables you to ride your bike in a comfortable and efficient way. Below is a chart indicating your height, inseam (inseam is more important) and the correspondence frame size that will definitely help you have a rough estimate of the size of the frame that would be best for you. Just to make it clear that 21 pounds is the minimum, 28.38 – average and 32.5 is the maximum of the frame size range.

Mountain Bikes – Finding the Right Size
Your Height
Your Inseam Length
Bike Frame Size
4’11” – 5’3″
25” – 27”
13 – 15 inches
5’3″ – 5’7″
27″ – 29″
15 to 17 inches
5’7″ – 5’11”
29″ – 31″
17 to 19 inches
5’11” – 6’2″
31″ – 33″
19 to 21 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″
33″ – 35″
21 to 23 inches
6’4″ and up
35″ and up
23 inches and up

Best Mountain Bike Sizing for Men

Best Mountain Bike Sizing for Women

What Is the Purpose of Your Best Mountain Bike?

Interestingly, all of us have different reasons as to why we need the best mountain bike, for instance, some would want it to haul groceries home, cruise the bike path or even tour the planet. The list could be long depending on your taste and purpose. However, the primary objective of mountain bikes is to get you along the dirty trails-mountains. Which reason is in your mind, get know three important things when selecting a bike.

  • Your riding style
  • Your budget
  • Test ride several bikes.
mountain bike buyers guide

Pay respect to what is inspiring you to ride bikes. It could be doing family outings on bike paths, towing a bike trailer with a child, or even for the purpose of physical tines. Also, note the roads you are going to use. The general purpose of using your mountain bike guides you to select the best mountain bike for either men or women.

My suggestion is that a basic model bike will serve you well for the purpose of family outings or occasional use. But if the purpose is to build up your body, enhance flexibility, looking for learning new skills, looking to explore a variety of trails or a combination of all the above, then my suggestions is that you use a hardtail or a full suspension bikes.

Single and Full Suspension of Best Mountain Bikes

There is a wonder in full suspension bikes; it makes me feel so good riding while in a seated position. It has been efficient for me climbing up mountains so easily while in that comfortable position. I have seen some people struggle to change their full suspension best mountain bikes to single suspension. Yes it is possible and also easy but it depends on the type of the mountain bike.

The full suspension bike should have tensioner which allows you to remove the wheel without interrupting the tensioner mount. This is what should be installed onto the derailleur hanger and locked into two setscrews, that is enough to convert your full suspension frame into single speed. Not that full suspension is bad or has any drawbacks. No, it is because people wish to change taste or wish to change the riding roads.

How to choose the Best Mountain Bike ?

Did you know that you need to choose your best mountain bike depending on the purpose you want it to serve? However, I understand the confusion many of you may get to because of the many options you have to choose from. It can be quite difficult. However, the solution is very simple, the problem would be solved by putting two factors into consideration; your riding preference and where you live, this helps you to narrow down your decision.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)
Obviously, every mountain fits to a set of fun categories such as cross country (XC), All Mountain (Trail bikes), Free ride and Downhill (DH). One need you need to know is the place you are planning to spend most of your time with the bike. For instance, you wish to ride on smooth flowing trails, climb big mountains, ride stunts, descend technical downhill courses, or just have all around fun. Lets us look at these bikes closely.
  • All Mountains (Trail Bikes): This category makes most sense and is truly made to be the most fun in the largest number of situations. They will not let you down in most types of roads you choose. I think that’s why many go for it.
  • Cross Country (XC): This type delights most riders because of its lighter weight and efficiency. However, they do not do very well in the terrain or the most comfortable.
  • Freeride: These types of bikes are purposely to get you up the hills; they are great for hard hitting trails, jumps and stunts.

The trick to getting the right bike for yourself is by being honest to yourself about how and where you will spend most of your time. You must have learnt a lot about mountain bikes and you have realized how good it is to get yourself the best mountain bike and especially the best mountain bikes brand. I am sure they will never disappoint you and they will easily make you achieve your desired results.