Flashlight Switches – Its own Advantages and Disadvantages

Flashlight Switches – Its own Advantages and Disadvantages
When you buy a flashlight, there are many things that you have to consider as beam distance, run time, lumens, water resistance, impact resistance. Besides, you should know about flashlight switch types. The switch type, position of switch and its own designs, which determines the way you use flashlight in case of emergencies and in everyday works. Below are the different flashlight switches types with advantages and disadvantages.

Bezel Twist Switch: It is often used in most of popular and its position at the head of flashlight. For using it, you just turn the bezel in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

  • Pros: It is durable, water resistant and dust resistant is better than others.
  • Cons: Normally, you need to use two hands for turn on and turn off.

Tailcap twist switch: It just like Bezel Twist Switch but its position at the end of the flashlight.

Side click Switch: This is push-button which is placed on the flashlight body. You need to press it to turn on and press it again to turn off. You will hear a click sound when press it.

  • Pros: Just need a hand to turn on your flashlight.
  • Cons: It will hasn’t got water resistant if it hasn’t got a rubber layer that cover the outside of button.

Tailcap click Switch: It just like Side click Switch but Its position at the tail of the flashlight.

  • Pros: It is suitable for holding and operating by thumb finger. You are easy to play the flashlight beam at your eye-level.
  • Cons: With bigger flashlights, it is hard to operate it by a hand if your hands are small.

Reverse Clicky: This is normal button switch but the way to using are a bit different. You need a hard-pressed (you will hear a click sound) on it for turn on and then take a slight press if you want to change mode (changing mode after turn it on).

Foward Clicky: With foward clicky, it just need a slight press and holding for turn it on (momentary) so you need to change mode first. If you want to turn on without hold it all the time, you need full press with making a click sound.

Membrane press switch: It is used a thin rubber layer to cover the switch, you need to press on that layer for turn on or off.

  • Pros: Avoid water to get insides.
  • Cons: The cover layer is high quality material.

Side slide Switch: It is traditional push – pull switch and its position at body of the flashlight.

  • Pros: Easy to operated by a hand.
  • Cons: It is not water resistant.

Magnetic Switch: It is use magnetic field to control flashlight. It is usually use for rotate switch application with many light levels or linear level light control.

  • Pros: Good looks! It is good water and dust resistance.
  • Cons: It is so expensive


Personally, I like the flashlights, which has switch at the end of tail and changing mode by rotate head of flashlight. However, for every switch for every flashlight series, I’m sure that these producers have researched and thought about performance and uses of every switch on theirs products.

So, you just choose the right one that is most suitable for your needs.

Parts of a Guitar

When starting out on their path to learn to play guitar, many beginner guitarists can be a little confused by all the jargon surrounding guitars. We’ve all been through it when we first started out.

When you first start to learn guitar, you need to familiarise yourself with the various parts of a guitar. If you don’t know your headstock from your tremolo arm, or your tuning pegs from your pickups, you’re in need of some education. And that’s why I’m here, so read on and I’ll take you through the basics of guitar anatomy.

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Learning the Parts of a Guitar

When I first began learning to play the guitar from friends all those years ago, I kept having to stop them and ask what they were talking about. “What’s a machine head?” Is the 6th string the top one or the bottom? “What on earth is the ‘nut’?” These were all pieces of jargon that were new to me.

Fortunately they were patient with me and took the time to explain all these new names. Something for which I am extremely grateful. Not everyone is lucky enough to have knowledgeable friends on hand to explain the workings of the guitar. So, what I’d like to do in this article is bring you up to speed on the main parts of a guitar so that you can confidently have a conversation with any guitarist and not be phased by any of the names of guitar parts that they might drop into the conversation.

Knowing what the parts of your guitar are called is absolutely essential. Not only will it improve your confidence when talking to other guitarists, but it is crucial to understanding many of the techniques and ways of playing the guitar.

I mean, what if you were aiming to learn a new song that required an alternative tuning and the instructions told you to tune your 6th string down a step but you confused the 6th and 1st strings? The result would sound wrong.

When learning a technique, you might be told to move your fingers along the guitar fretboard in the direction of the nut. If you keep getting the nut and the bridge confused you’ll be performing the technique in the opposite direction and therefore ingraining incorrect technique. This is bad because, as we all know, practice does not make perfect… perfect practice makes perfect!

The 3 Main Parts of a Guitar

The guitar is divided into 3 main parts: the head, neck and body. Just like a person in fact. The head (or headstock) is where the tuning pegs are located. The head is furthest away from your body when you are playing the guitar.

Tuning Pegs

The tuning pegs are sometimes called tuning keys or machine heads and are the cycindrical pegs that stick through the guitar’s headstock and around which the strings are wrapped. You use the tuning pegs to adjust the tension of the strings by twisting them by their little handles.

Some guitars, and this is normally the case with acoustic guitars, have the tuning pegs arranged in two rows of three either side of the headstock. Usually the lower-pitched, thicker strings are located on the upper side of the head of the guitar and the thinner, lower-pitched strings are on the underside. However, on certan guitars (often electric guitars such as the Fender Stratocaster), the tuning pegs are all in a single row along the top side of the headstock. It doesn’t really matter where the tuning pegs are and in how many rows they are arranged, it is simply a function of the design of the guitar and makes no real difference to how you play it.

Guitar Strings

The strings of the guitar are stretched along the length of the instrument and really deserve an article in their own right. It’s crucial that you know the nomenclature that describes each of the strings so that there is never any confusion about which string you’re referring to when discussing how to play with other guitarists.

Basically, the 6 strings of the guitar are arranged with the thickest string nearest the ceiling (as you hold the guitar when playing it) and the thinnest string is nearest the floor. The thickest string is the 6th string and they are numbered in descending order towards the floor, so that the last and thinnest string is the first string.

Each of the strings is tuned to a particular note of the musical scale. Starting with the sixth string, the notes are E, A, D, G, B and E. The 1st string is tuned to the same note (E) as the 6th string but two octaves higher.

Guitar Fretboard and Neck

The neck of the guitar is the long, slender piece of wood over which the strings are stretched. When playing the guitar, you bring your hand up underneath the neck of the guitar and your thumb is placed behind the neck on the curved surface. Your fingers are then used to hold down the strings against the guitar fretboard at the appropriate positions. Rosewood is a popular wood that is commonly for the guitar neck, although other types of wood are sometimes used.

On the side of the neck where the strings are located, there are a series of thin metal strips set into the guitar fretboard. These metal strips are known individually as frets – hence the name “guitar fretboard”. The frets serve to give a solid point from which the guitar string can vibrate and helps to give the guitar its distinctive, clear sound.

You should note that when playing the guitar you must place your fingers in between the metal strips (frets) and not directly on top of the frets themselves. Try to place your fingers immediately behind the metal fret because this makes it easier to hold the string down cleanly and avoids buzzing of the strings, which is a common problem amongst beginners. So if you are instructed to place your finger on the 5th fret, for example, you should place your finger immediately behind the 5th fret on the fretboard (counting from the nut). Immediately behind in this case means just on the headstock side of the fret, which makes sense if you think about it because you’re keeping your finger as close to the vibration as possible (and therefore getting the maximum purchase) without actually going too far and dampening the string.

When talking about moving up the neck, many people get muddled. Moving up the neck is moving towards your (and the guitar’s) body so that the notes get higher pitched. Playing further down the neck is further away from your body and results in lower pitched notes. You can easily remember this in terms of the pitch of the notes that are played – higher up the neck gives higher pitched notes and lower down the neck gives lower pitched notes.

Guitar Body

The body of the guitar is the next section, and this is the bit of the guitar that sits on your lap when you play it. On an acoustic guitar, the body is hollow and has a hole in it, across which the strings are stretched. The hollow body of the guitar amplifies the sound made by the strings and gives the guitar it’s distinctive sound.

The strings are attached to the guitar body and are stretched across the bridge, which sits on the body of the guitar towards the end of the body furthest away from the neck.

Guitar Pickups Explained

On an electric guitar, the pickups (along with the amp) do the job of amplifying the sound made by the strings. There are different types of pickup, which fall into two main categories: double coil (humbucker), or single coil. When playing lead, most players put the switch to the bridge pickup, whereas rhythm guitar playing sounds good at the neck pickup. This is great for jazz chords especially because it produces a more mellow, gentle sound, compared to the more piercing, harsh sound of the bridge pickup.

Guitar Tremolo (Whammy Bar)

Some guitars have a tremolo bar, which comprises a short metal bar, which is attached to the bridge of the electric guitar and is used to rock the bridge back and forth thereby increasing and decreasing the tension in the strings. This can be used to produce various effects, such as vibrato or a divebomb effect where the strings are loosened in a contimuous and smooth manner so as to produce a lower and lower pitch. Tremolo can sound amazing, but should be used sparingly.

Floating Bridge

Some guitars have a floating bridge, which can make it more difficult when it comes to tuning. Often, if you have a floating bridge, you’ll need to tune a guitar 2 or 3 times. A tuner can be very handy to make this process quicker and easier. If you have afloating bridge, it is best to tune your guitar strings in this order – 1, 6, 2, 5, 4, 3. This keeps the tension on the bridge more even and helps to avoid changes in the tension of one string impacting on the tension (and therefore pitch) of the other strings.

With a floating bridge, you’ll often have to go back and tune the strings two or three times before it’s perfect.

Guitar Fingers

Although not strictly part of the guitar itself, it’s worth mentioning the names given to the fingers as this is important to know when learning guitar. The fingers on the left hand are numbered in sequence from the index finger (1), middle finger (2), ring finger (3) and pinky (4). Sometimes you might see a letter “T” in certain notation, which will often be used to denote the use of the thumb when playing thumb chords. If you’ve played piano before to any level, the numbers given to guitar fingers can be confusing because they are different (in piano, the thumb is 1).

For the fingers of the left hand, particularly when reading notation for classical or fingerstyle guitar parts, you’ll notice some letters appearing on the musical score or tablature. These relate to which of the fingers you should be plucking the strings with and are as follows: P (thumb), I (index), M (middle), A (ring finger). The origins of these letters are in the Spanish words and come from classical guitar.

So now you know the parts of a guitar (and what to call your fingers!), you’re ready to get started with your practice.

Best Mountain Bikes For The Money

How to Choose Best Mountain Bikes For The Money?

Mountain BikeMy 30 years ride of mountain bikes gives me an outstanding knowledge of the best mountain bikes you should go for to become an expert in mountain bike riding. Best mountain bikes are designed for going up and down mountains. They usually have thick wheels and off course shock absorbers despite being sturdy and modeled to provide high speed.

Check on the best mountain bike brands that confidently gives you the best service and an outstanding experience.

What Is The Benefit of Riding A Best Mountain Bikes?

For a first time racer, bike riding is one of the best experiences that give you real fun off roads. But remember, you must do it rightly with the right bike to get the best out of it. Millions of people all over the world are doing it, it’s your turn to join and enjoy the fun experience.

I have always enjoyed great benefits I acquired all through my bike riding, you are not wrong, bike riding has great plethora of physical, emotional, social, and emotional benefits that leaves you with no option and reason than to join the rest in the fun.

Truly, you may get some bruises and bumps along the way, but that is just a drop in the ocean compared to the physical benefits that you accrue from mountain biking. Ask the www.peopleforbikes.org and you will be assured that 50% likelihood of heart disease is reduced if you ride your bike 3 hour a week. 30 minutes ride each day is enough for a woman to reduce by 48% her likelihood of breast cancer. And if your kid is biking, he/she is 48% less likely to become overweight when in adulthood. What other doctor did you want for this?

I have always noted that I finish my bike race happier than I started it, just to realize that it is the best activity that relieves my stress, improves my self esteem and always provided me with a sense of challenge and adventure. This is a very emotional support activity that usually acts as a distraction or an escape to the reality like worries hence giving you piece of mind. It doesn’t matter how long I have been biking, I would always learn something new every time I get to a race. If this doesn’t happen to you, then check whether you had everything you needed to be in the race.

diamondback 29er  recoil - Best Mountain Bikes
When you get your best mountain bike on the road, either with a local club just bumping into other riders on the trail-head, you will wonder how fast you will make new friends or else ridding buddies. It is not only enjoyable but also very safe to ride among friends; you understand how helping they can be in case you hurt yourself or come across a furry friend along the way. Your riding friends will challenge your riding skills, appreciate your skills, and you know what this means? Your confidence gets a major boost, you improve your stamina and what other social support did you need?

Single and Multi-Speed of Best Mountain Bikes

There are two types of bikes, single-speed and multi-speed mountain bikes. Do not wonder what to go for. Each serves its unique purpose but they do also complement each other.

Note that a single speed bike has only one gear ratio while a multi-gear bike has derailleur to switch between different cog sizes that increases the number of wheel rotations hence higher speed.

  • Single speed bike is a simple design easy to maintain and do repairs, you may like it because is lighter and less expensive than a multi-speed bike. It is most suitable for urban riding and does best in flat areas.
  • On the other hand, multi-speed bike outperforms the single speed with its high speeds and on sharp inclines. Though it is relatively heavy and more expensive, multi-speed bikes are best known for rough and hilly roads.

Best Mountain Bike Sizing Chart Guide

To choose the correct frame size of your best mountain bike consider choosing one that matches your body for you to get a more comfortable and efficient ride all through. This is a good guide that will help to get the best mountain bike for men or women.

Your height and shape of your body are key factors to choosing a frame size. It is quite dangerous for you if you bought a bike that is not proportional with your body. Do not hesitate to ask the size of the frame and wheel of the bicycle of your choice. Some could be measured in inches, centimeters, or just use the standardized measurement of S, M, and L. The size of the frame will help you know the length of your frame tube, though the whole bike will be in proportion. Like for instance, a bigger bike will not only have higher saddles but also handlebars will be further from the saddle.

Getting the right frame for your height enables you to ride your bike in a comfortable and efficient way. Below is a chart indicating your height, inseam (inseam is more important) and the correspondence frame size that will definitely help you have a rough estimate of the size of the frame that would be best for you. Just to make it clear that 21 pounds is the minimum, 28.38 – average and 32.5 is the maximum of the frame size range.

Mountain Bikes – Finding the Right Size
Your Height
Your Inseam Length
Bike Frame Size
4’11” – 5’3″
25” – 27”
13 – 15 inches
5’3″ – 5’7″
27″ – 29″
15 to 17 inches
5’7″ – 5’11”
29″ – 31″
17 to 19 inches
5’11” – 6’2″
31″ – 33″
19 to 21 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″
33″ – 35″
21 to 23 inches
6’4″ and up
35″ and up
23 inches and up

Best Mountain Bike Sizing for Men

Best Mountain Bike Sizing for Women

What Is the Purpose of Your Best Mountain Bike?

Interestingly, all of us have different reasons as to why we need the best mountain bike, for instance, some would want it to haul groceries home, cruise the bike path or even tour the planet. The list could be long depending on your taste and purpose. However, the primary objective of mountain bikes is to get you along the dirty trails-mountains. Which reason is in your mind, get know three important things when selecting a bike.

  • Your riding style
  • Your budget
  • Test ride several bikes.
mountain bike buyers guide

Pay respect to what is inspiring you to ride bikes. It could be doing family outings on bike paths, towing a bike trailer with a child, or even for the purpose of physical tines. Also, note the roads you are going to use. The general purpose of using your mountain bike guides you to select the best mountain bike for either men or women.

My suggestion is that a basic model bike will serve you well for the purpose of family outings or occasional use. But if the purpose is to build up your body, enhance flexibility, looking for learning new skills, looking to explore a variety of trails or a combination of all the above, then my suggestions is that you use a hardtail or a full suspension bikes.

Single and Full Suspension of Best Mountain Bikes

There is a wonder in full suspension bikes; it makes me feel so good riding while in a seated position. It has been efficient for me climbing up mountains so easily while in that comfortable position. I have seen some people struggle to change their full suspension best mountain bikes to single suspension. Yes it is possible and also easy but it depends on the type of the mountain bike.

The full suspension bike should have tensioner which allows you to remove the wheel without interrupting the tensioner mount. This is what should be installed onto the derailleur hanger and locked into two setscrews, that is enough to convert your full suspension frame into single speed. Not that full suspension is bad or has any drawbacks. No, it is because people wish to change taste or wish to change the riding roads.

How to choose the Best Mountain Bike ?

Did you know that you need to choose your best mountain bike depending on the purpose you want it to serve? However, I understand the confusion many of you may get to because of the many options you have to choose from. It can be quite difficult. However, the solution is very simple, the problem would be solved by putting two factors into consideration; your riding preference and where you live, this helps you to narrow down your decision.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)
Obviously, every mountain fits to a set of fun categories such as cross country (XC), All Mountain (Trail bikes), Free ride and Downhill (DH). One need you need to know is the place you are planning to spend most of your time with the bike. For instance, you wish to ride on smooth flowing trails, climb big mountains, ride stunts, descend technical downhill courses, or just have all around fun. Lets us look at these bikes closely.
  • All Mountains (Trail Bikes): This category makes most sense and is truly made to be the most fun in the largest number of situations. They will not let you down in most types of roads you choose. I think that’s why many go for it.
  • Cross Country (XC): This type delights most riders because of its lighter weight and efficiency. However, they do not do very well in the terrain or the most comfortable.
  • Freeride: These types of bikes are purposely to get you up the hills; they are great for hard hitting trails, jumps and stunts.

The trick to getting the right bike for yourself is by being honest to yourself about how and where you will spend most of your time. You must have learnt a lot about mountain bikes and you have realized how good it is to get yourself the best mountain bike and especially the best mountain bikes brand. I am sure they will never disappoint you and they will easily make you achieve your desired results.